We offer full implementation of our own solutions and those of our partners, tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Digital certificates

Optimizing the management of digital certificates

Digital server certificates are essential for all online service providers where security is paramount.

Most companies buy server certificates over the Internet, which can cause some problems. The company OSI represents the issuance of server certificates by the company Entrust and offers business users support in the entire lifecycle of server certificate management: from ordering to implementation. The company OSI offers users a wide range of server certificates, which are characterized by the fact that the verification of a provider meets the highest security standards.

Business solutions

  • Digital signatures for legal entities, natural persons and other subjects

  • Biometric solutions

  • Data protection and security

  • Solutions in the cloud for service providers and users

  • Solutions for the implementation of electronic identities and rights

  • Solutions for compliance with regulations GDPR, ZVOP-2, ZInfV, ZKI, ZPPDFT-2, PCI, ISO/IEC 27001, OWASP

  • Development of customized solutions

  • Service architecture solutions

  • Business optimization through optimal use of information technology

Infrastructure solutions

  • Application servers

  • Databases

  • Operational systems

  • Monitoring systems

  • Development of dedicated applications

  • Virtualization

  • Integrity and data security

  • Data encryption

  • Digital signature

  • Data masking

  • Time stamping

  • Identity management

  • Service oriented architecture

  • Directories (LDAP, X.500)

Public sector solutions

  • Passports, identity cards

  • Digital tachographs and smart tachographs

  • Digital signatures

  • Secure identities

  • Public key infrastructure

  • Registers

Partner solutions

  • Smart cards (Bit4ID, Gemalto (Safenet), GND

  • HSM (Safenet, Thales)

  • Oracle

  • Entrust (PKI, IdentityGuard, SSL certificates)

  • IDM (Midpoint)

  • Biometrics (CENT.SI)


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We offer complete solution development: architecture, coding (Java, APEX...), implementation, integration and warranty maintenance.

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