Statement of OSI d.o.o. on the protection of personal data

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Statement of OSI d.o.o. on the protection of personal data

Which of my data does OSI d.o.o. collect, why and for how long? 

a) Visiting the website

What: Every time you visit the OSI d.o.o. website, web server log files are automatically stored on the web server (e.g. IP number – a number that identifies a single computer or other device on the Internet).

Why: The way the World Wide Web works is that certain data about visited websites, such as IP number, browser version, time of visit, etc., is stored on the web server hosting the website. The company OSI d.o.o. does not process the data collected in this way separately and does not link them to other data.

For how long: The log files of the web server are kept for 24 hours and then deleted.

b) Inquiries, comments and questions

What: You can use the online "Contact us" form to submit an inquiry, comment or question related to the services, products or solutions offered by OSI d.o.o. on the website. In this case, it is mandatory to fill in the "Your message" field and tick the box in front of the reCAPTCHA text "I am not a robot" to prevent automatic sending of emails (i.e. spam). All other information is optional, but you can also provide your first and last name and email address.

Why: The company OSI d.o.o. needs your e-mail address to respond to your inquiry, comment or question. You can also provide your first and last name, but this information is not mandatory.

The data you enter in the online form will be processed by the company OSI d.o.o. only to the extent strictly necessary to process or respond to your request, comment or question.

For how long: The retention period depends on the nature of your request, comment or question, as well as on the legal bases that regulate the rights of the consumer or the obligations of the provider of goods or services.

In which case will the company OSI d.o.o. contact me?

The company OSI d.o.o. will contact you only in connection with the:

  • the preparation of an offer based on your request;

  • the results of your comment or answer to your question.

c) Will my personal data be shared with third parties? 

The company OSI d.o.o. will not disclose your personal data obtained by you visiting the website to third parties. Likewise, the company OSI d.o.o. will not share your information obtained as a result of your inquiry, question or comment with third parties, unless required by law.

Can I find out which of my personal data is processed by OSI d.o.o.? 

Upon request, OSI d.o.o. will allow you to view or copy and print the data concerning you, and will provide you with a list of users to whom personal data has been disclosed, when, on what basis and for what purpose. Upon Your request and in accordance with applicable law, OSI d.o.o. will also provide you with other information about the personal data it collects.

Security of the collected data 

Personal data is protected in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.



The company OSI d.o.o. undertakes to protect the confidentiality of the personal data of the website users. It will use the collected data exclusively for the purposes for which they were provided by the users of the website.

The company OSI d.o.o. will not use personal data and contact information for other purposes and will not disclose it to third parties without the express consent of the website user. It will do its best to protect your personal information from any breach or misuse.


Questions regarding the protection of your personal data when using this website can be directed to

This statement was last updated in August 2023.

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